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Networking & B2B

The EUBG offers an exclusive networking environment for its members, providing valuable opportunities to gain knowledge about the business environment and stay updated on the rapidly developing economic and business prospects in the United Republic of Tanzania. Our networking activities include:

  • Members Networking Drinks & Business Talk: Regular gatherings where members can connect, exchange ideas, and discuss business-related topics.
  • Members Network & Learn: Interactive sessions featuring industry experts who share their insights and expertise, allowing members to enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • Annual General Meetings (AGM): Yearly gatherings where members get updates on finance and implementation of EUBG strategy including the advocacy on members' issues. AGM give members an opportunity to participate in the election of Board Directors.


EUBG is committed to facilitating advocacy, dialogue, and information exchange between its members and the Tanzanian government and officials. Our advocacy efforts aim to improve the business environment, enhance the investment climate, and promote European business interests in Tanzania. We achieve this through:

  • Engagement with Government: Establishing productive relationships with various government agencies, fostering open lines of communication to address regulatory issues, and promoting a favorable business environment for European companies.
  • Conducting Public Private Dialogues: Organizing forums and discussions that bring together key stakeholders from the public and private sectors, facilitating constructive dialogue on critical issues affecting European businesses and suggesting collaborative solutions.

Trade Promotion

EUBG plays a significant role in promoting trade between Europe and Tanzania, actively supporting European business interests. Our trade promotion activities include:

  • Trade Missions: Organizing visits to Tanzania by European business delegations, facilitating direct interactions with local counterparts, exploring trade opportunities, and fostering business partnerships.
  • National Embassy Dinners: Hosting prestigious events that bring together representatives from European embassies and Tanzanian government officials, providing a platform for networking, collaboration, and trade discussions.
  • Bi-Annual Lunch with the EU-HoM: Holding bi-annual lunches with the Head of the European Union Delegation to Tanzania, offering an exclusive opportunity for members to engage in high- level discussions and exchange insights on trade matters.
  • Conducting Business Clinics and Forums: Arranging informative sessions and workshops that focus on specific sectors or industries, enabling members to acquire practical knowledge, network with experts, and explore potential business opportunities.

Skills Transfer

Employers in the private sector are increasingly recognizing the importance of certified technical and vocation skills and capacity development as a critical priority to build up organizations innovation, quality standards and competitiveness in global markets.

Increased economic diplomacy efforts by the 6th phase Government have resulted into the attraction of foreign investment bringing about opportunities for growth and development. However, skills gaps faced by both national and European companies is the shortage of a skilled workforce that meets business requirements and global standards. As a result, there is a need to bridge the gap between the local labor market and the standard requirements demanded by national and European multinationals.

To address this challenge, EUBG proposes a vocational and technical training program named, EUBG Skills Development Program (ESDP). The concept note outlines the initiative’s goal, objectives and expected outcomes. It is designed to develop a young competent workforce that is capable of meeting the needs of both local and multinational companies in Tanzania.

ESDP is a market-led and demand-oriented program developed to equip young Tanzanians with the necessary technical and vocational skills and knowledge to excel in the private sector. The program is conducted over 9-months in Dar es Salaam with a focus on developing skills required in sectors such as manufacturing, agro-processing, and logistics.


  • Selected youths are trained on market-oriented technical and vocational skills.
  • Improved access on technical and vocational skills training for women- Special emphasis on enrolling at least 60% of female candidates to close gender disparities in technical and vocational fields
  • EUBG corporate members to provide internship, apprenticeship, coaching, mentoring and ultimately, employment opportunities to the trained youths.
  • Increased employment opportunities to youths

By actively engaging in Networking & B2B, Advocacy, and Trade Promotion and Skills Transfer EUBG remains dedicated to supporting European businesses in Tanzania and fostering a vibrant business ecosystem that benefits both our members and the Tanzanian economy.

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